Voodoo spells

Voodoo healer for cleansing rituals & voodoo dolls to fix love, money and fertility problems. Protect yoursef from negative energy using voodoo & unlock wealth, success and prosperity in your life

As a practitioner of the voodoo religion we communicate with voodoo spirits called loa to understand the spiritual root cause of your problems. The Supreme Creator Bondye will channel healing though our voodoo healer

Voodoo rituals focus energy into a spell or voodoo doll to help you achieve your goal using voodoo love spells, voodoo money spells, voodoo fertility spells, voodoo protection spells and

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In voodoo there are no accidents for no event has a life of its own for the universe is all on, we embrace the entirety of human experience.

Banish evil spirits, reverse curses, break hexes, remove demons and get protection from bad spirits using voodoo. Our voodoo priests understand Haitian Vodou, Louisiana Voodoo, West African Vodun & Hoodoo

  • Voodoo to banish negative energy

    Voodoo to banish negative energy

    Banish negative energy and evil spirits using voodoo spells for protection

    Align your life's goals with your destiny and attract positive energy using voodoo

    Voodoo to help you unleash your potential and achieve success in all areas of your life

    Break free from the chains of povery, debt and spiritual bondage using voodoo

  • Voodoo to reverse bad luck & curses

    Voodoo to reverse bad luck

    Reverse bad luck causing in your luck using voodoo that will protect you

    Voodoo to reverse curses from your enemies to banish all troubles and failure

    Protect yourself from bad luck using voodoo. Protect yourself from curses using voodoo

    Voodoo to break curses. Voodoo to remove bad luck. Voodoo to attract positive energy

  • Voodoo to fix relationship problems

    Voodoo to fix relationship problems

    Stop your partner from cheating and make them faithful using voodoo love spells

    Voodoo love spells to fix communication problems in a relationship and help you get along

    Fall back in love with each other and reignite your relationship using voodoo love spells

    Voodoo love spells to get your ex husband or ex wife back. Reunite with lost love using voodoo

  • What is voodoo

    What is voodoo

    Voodoo is a three tiered spiritual system based on God (Bondye), spirits and ancestors (Loa) .

    We communicate to the Supreme Creator indirectly through voodoo spirits called Loa

    A voodoo practioner uses rituals to communicate with the voodoo gods (loa)

    They in turn use dreams and visions to coomunicate their will to a voodoo practioner

    Voodoo practioners are called "vodouists" or "servants of the spirits"

  • Voodoo loa

    Voodoo loa

    Loa (Lwa or L'wha) are voodoo spirits that enable us to communicate with the supreme being

    We summon a voodoo spirit (Loa) using rituals so that we can petition our requests.

    The loa possess the voodoo practioner to communicate the messages from Bondye

    Voodoo loa include Rada, Petro, Nago, Kongo, and Ghede among others.

    There are distinct voodoo spirits for each sphere of human life who act as intermediaries

  • How voodoo works

    How voodoo works

    Spirits (Loa) govern the world & vodum energies can be channelled to a particular problem

    Voodoo practioners can be a male (voodoo priest) or female (voodoo priestess or queen or mambo)

    The voodoo practioner summons the spirits using specific rituals to make a request

    Voodoo has four main branches (West Africa, Haitian, Hoodoo & Louisiana Voodoo)

    The Voodoo Priest & Priestess maintain a relationship with the voodoo spirits

  • Voodoo to attract wealth

    Voodoo to attract wealth

    Attract wealth and financial success using voodoo money spells to make you rich

    Voodoo money spells to banish povery, unlock money making opportunities and riches

    Attract customers, tenders and big government contracts to your business using voodoo

    Voodoo to influence decisions in your favor and help you grow your business empire

  • Voodoo to heal infertility

    Voodoo to heal infertility

    Heal make inferility using voodoo fertility spells for men that will increase sperm count

    Voodoo fertility spells for women to heal infertility and help you get pregnant

    Fix the spiritual root causes of infertility by appeasing the ancestral spirits

    Voodoo fertility spells to heal infertility and help couples conceive

  • Voodoo to remove evil spirits

    Voodoo to remove evil spirits

    Remove evil spirits from your work, life and love life using voodoo healing spells

    Voodoo to remove evil spirits from your business and help it grow to success

    Remove evil spirits from your career and get the job and salary you deserve

    Voodoo to remove evil spirits from your relationship and help you find love that lasts

  • Is voodoo good or bad

    Is voodoo good or bad

    Voodoo is neither good or bad as it can be used to achieve good or bad.

    Although voodoo is neutral it is very powerful and can cause a lot of harm in wrong hands

    It is important to have pure intentions when using voodoo per chance it might backfire

    Voodoo is not evil and is a supports individual experience, empowerment and responsibility.

  • Voodoo practioners

    Voodoo practioners

    The Mambo is the female high priest in the voodoo religion

    There is the mambo asogwe (high priestess) and mambo sur pwen ("junior priestess").

    Houngan is the term for a male priest in Haitian Vodou

    There is the houngan asogwe (high priest) and houngan sur pwen (junior priest)

  • History of voodoo

    Voodoo was founded in West Africa, it is an official religion in Benin

    The voodoo religion was introduced to the Americas & Caribbean during the slave trade

    Voodoo has no scripture or world authority and is based on personal experiences

    The voodoo religion is practiced in Benin, Togo, Ghana, Haiti & the U.S. state of Louisiana.

  • Voodoo love spells

    Voodoo love spells

    Get your ex back using voodoo love spells that will restore your relationship or marriage

    Voodoo love spells to make someone in love with you (ex lover, lost love or new lover)

    Cleanse your love life and banish love hexes, love curses & revenge love spells

    Voodoo love spells to reverse a breakup, save your marriage or stop cheating

  • Voodoo money spells

    Voodoo money spells

    Win money when gambling at the lottery or casino or sports betting with voodoo money spells

    Voodoo money spells to attract wealth and financial success in your career or business

    Get a lucrative business deal, attract customers or increase your cashflow with voodoo money spells

    Voodoo money spells to increase your luck with money and help you unlock riches

  • Voodoo fertility spells

    Voodoo fertility spells

    Heal infertility in men and women using voodoo fertility spells to help you conceive

    Voodoo fertility spells to help you get pregnant by spiritually unlocking the womb and testicles

    Have a health pregnancy without any miscarriages by casting voodoo fertility spells

    Voodoo fertility spells to a boy. Voodoo fertility spells for a girl. Voodoo fertility spells for twins

  • Voodoo symbols

    Voodoo symbols

    Symbolism plays a big part in the voodoo religion especialy the rituals and ceremonies

    Voodoo symbols include the snake, veve designs, voodoo doll & loa symbols

    Every voodoo spirit (loa) has a specific symbol that uniquely identifies it

    Loa Trident Compass, Damballa, Agasou, Ayizan, Manman Brigitte and Papa Legba

  • Voodoo animal sacrifices

    Animal sacrifices are used to summon the spirits (loa) during a voodoo ritual

    Chickens are the most common animals used during a voodoo ritual or ceremony

    The blood of the animal represents power that the voodoo spirits need to communicate

    Voodoo animal sacrifices are about offering of life-giving energy to the voodoo spirits

  • Voodoo Nanchons

    Voodoo Nanchons

    Nanchons are nations of voodoo spirits (loa) with similar characteristics

    The main nanchons are Rada loa (water spirits), Petro loa (warlike spirits)

    Kongo loa (Congo region), Nago loa (Yorubaland) and Ghede loa (dead spirits)

    There are hundreds of unclassified loas like the Bacalou and the Clermeil loa

  • Rada Ioa Spirits

    Rada Ioa Spirits

    The Rada loa are mainly water spirits of the voodoo religion they include Legba, Loko, Ayizan

    Damballa Wedo, Ayida-Weddo, Maîtresse Mambo Erzulie Fréda Dahomey, La Sirène and Agwé

    Rada loa spirits are associated with the color white and originate from Africa and Dahomey.

    The Rada loas are the voodoo spirits who are guardians of morals and principles

  • Petro loa

    Petro loa

    Petro loa are fiery & warlike voodoo spirits used in very powerful magic

    The Petro loa spirits are associated with the color red

    They include Ezili Dantor, Marinette, and Met Kalfu (Maitre Carrefour, "Master Crossroads").

    The Petro rites are an integral part of the voodoo initiation ceremony

  • Guédé loa

    Guédé loa

    The Guédé loa are voodoo spirits that embody the powers of death and fertility

    Guédé spirits include Ghede Doubye, Linto, Loraj, Guédé Nibo and Guédé Ti Malis

    Papa Ghede, Brave Ghede, Ghede Masaka , Baron Kriminel and Maman Brigitte

    When a Guédé loa possesses someone they will drink or rub themselves clairin & goat peppers